Wednesday, August 22, 2012

So Many Affiliate Programs - How To Choose Wisely

Webmasters already know that there are thousands and thousands of affiliate programs available to make an extra stream of income with, but how to choose.

This can be a very difficult situation because it has been proved through science that the human mind hits a certain stage of paralysis when it is confronted with to many choices or two many decisions at once.

This is where many new webmasters simply give up. Much to do with the web as we know it can be a bit overwhelming and choosing a winning affiliate program is just one example. Below you will find some easy steps to pre-approving and then choosing the right affiliate program to promote to give you the best chances of success in the cut throat world of online marketing.

How To Pre-Quality An Affiliate Program

  1. Trust is of the utmost importance, so you should make sure that you are only looking at affiliate programs that have been proven by the test of time or that are already in motion. Joining brand new affiliate programs can allow you to ride the wave a new success, but you don't want to get caught in the undertow of a loosing system either.
  2. Are others already making money with it. You can always search Google and find everything bad you ever wanted to hear about any program, but going on to marketing forums to ask for real feedback is a better way to learn about a prospective affiliate program.
  3. Try to find affiliate programs that have extra promotional material to help you promote the products. This can make a huge difference when it comes time to promote.
  4. Only check out programs that offer content, products or services that are in your niche. There is no reason to waste your time looking at sites that will not be able to help you offer your readers what they want.

How To Choose A Profitable Affiliate Program

  1. Look for high commission percentages and a high epc. The commission percent shows you how much of each sale you will make while the epc (earnings per click) shows you how much the average person makes per click on the specific affiliate program or product.
  2. Narrow your search to products that are very complementary to your niche or market. At the same time you need to make sure it is not competitive to your own product or service if you are offering one.
  3. Finding programs that are on large affiliate networks to work with is a great way to find a diamond in the rough, but it is also important that the offers on these huge networks are trusted and have a good backend system to funnel clients through.
  4. Residual income is a lot easier if you can find products/service that are subscription based. You can go for the big ticket items, but it is much easier to sell a service that keeps paying you each month, so make sure to look for these services on various affiliate networks before you proceed.
  5. Finding out how and when you can get paid is a big factor that you should consider. Many programs make you wait a long time to get your payouts while others may even offer instant payments in some situations.
Using the lists above you can definitely get in the right mindset to start hunting down a high quality and profitable affiliate program to work with. Another thing to keep in mind as you become ready to start promoting and working with affiliate program is the fact that no matter how careful you are, mistakes will be made along the way. So there is no time like the present to get started and start making some extra income, learning while you are earning is much preferred to waiting and waiting just to get started. Don't forget to check out my own affiliate program on my personal blog here, Nick Simpson Launches IM Affiliate Program and start profiting from the same proven products I have been working with. If you have any questions or comments, I look forward to hearing any and all feedback in the comments section of this post.

To your success,

Nick Simpson

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