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How To Wrestle A Google Penguin And Win!

OK, so here we go. Yes, Google has been making some major changes since December 2011 and through this year as well. You may have heard something about a Panda or a Penguin attacking marketers and their websites and these stories are very true. However, the fact remains that these Google algorithm changes are nothing new, just some of the more recent have been much more visible than the more incremental changes of the past.

These latest changes have been direct "attacks" as some call them on internet marketers. I would not use those words, but I would call these changes more of learning experiences for marketers.

The Real Rules Of SEO Have Never Changed!

If you look back at what Matt Cutts told webmasters to do to rank in Google 2 or even 5 years ago, they still hold true today. The problem is what people have been able to get away with to get ranked in the past (cheating) no longer works as well as it did a year ago. If you build killer content and let your site organically grow, nothing has changed. If you go out there and spend money on the marketing software that blasts crap all over the internet, you may be rethinking your spending habits right now.

So What Happened?

So here is the scratch. The Panda and Penguin updates both focus on one thing and that is low quality content. If you have hundreds or even thousands of low quality content farms links coming into your site, you probably lost some of your rankings recently. This does not mean your website has been sandboxed or black listed by any means. What Google did do, is de-index low quality and questionable content. If this was the type of pages linking to you, you just lost some link juice from the sites and pages that have been de-indexed that is all!

So, the good news is that you can rebuild your link authority even in a "post penguin seo world" without needing to track down all those old crappy quality links, because Google has already done you that favor by removing them from their search index. In essence Google has already given you a perfect chance for a fresh start without penalizing your site for trying to be sneaky.

5 Steps To Winning A Wrestling Match With The Google Penguin

  1. Stop Building Junk Links Now! - This can be a big one if you are still throwing up hundreds of low quality links. You need to quit giving low quality score signals to Google now, before you do get a real Google Slap. So step one is, Stop! Now keep reading.
  2. Start Acquiring New Authority Links To Your Site - OK, so you stopped testing Google by using shifting link building methods, now it is time to turn the tables back to your favor. Get real links on real sites, earn them, ask for them, don't buy them (Google is getting hip to this as well) and you will be rewarded.
  3. Use Video - Yep, G loves Vids! So get out there and make some videos spread them around and don't forget to use a variety of links, titles and tags and these things stick in the results pages like nothing else.
  4. Use Social - Social is now probably more important than links and most marketers will figure this out in the months and years to come. So get ahead of the wave and make a huge social impact on your site by making quality profile pages and more importantly interacting with the social communities that you are part of FB, LinkedIn, Twitter or what ever you choose.

    Heres a sneaky tools that still works for social Social Bookmarking Magic your content will be submitted by random real users! Best part is if you just keep clicking the no thanks, you can rock this system for free, of course you can update if you are lazy, but well worth a look.
  5. Build Your Own Network Of Sites - This can take a little time to setup correctly, but you will reap some major rewards for a long time if it is done correctly on keyword specific domain name and on separate hosting accounts to make sure you have a good spread of Class C IP addresses to run your sites on.

    Or use these free content networks to start your own blog, these are Penguin Friendly and not overused, so don't tell your friends! >> | <<
  6. Share This Post - Yes, ask for links! That is the last tip, if you enjoyed this article please help us out by sharing it on your favorite social network or your own blog!
Thank you for reading. I really appreciate that you took the time to visit my blog and I would love to hear from you in the comments section.

To success,

Nick Simpson

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  1. Awesome post about Google Penguin! I just started in the SEO field and have been hearing a lot about lately but really don't know anything about it. Thank you for sharing this with us and for helping me grasp a better understanding.