Monday, June 11, 2012

Build The Website Your Visitors Want - Reader Layout Tips

For many webmasters finding the right design can take weeks or even months. For others, even though they have a great design, they simply cannot stop tweaking and making changes to the look and layout that they already have. The problem for most designers and web masters is the fact that their tastes change, so there is simply no end to the editing and changes that come.

This is not a good thing, to many the look and feel of a website is part of the brand. Just think, if a visitor comes to your web site one day, reads a couple post and decides to bookmark your page to come back and when they do come back a few days or a month later, the site doesn't even look familiar. This can be very off-putting and can also make it hard for readers to find your site by visual searches which are becoming much more popular. Looking through bookmarks, images of recently visited pages and these visual searches like the new Yahoo Axis make it very important that you can keep things very similar and not make drastic changes often if you can afford not to.

Get Reader Recognition Using Your Design

You want your readers to remember your site and not wander what has happened or if they are even on the same site every time they come to visit. It is also important to understand that not all template changes, but some, will move content use different tags and this can all lead to re-indexing or confusion on the search engine spiders to keep your site ranked consistently.

The question is how to you build the perfect website layout? There is a simple answer and you already know it, because you read the title of this article. You need to focus on what your visitors and readers really want. If you can somehow take their interests into consideration, this is always the best way to build a site that will be memorable, but also one that does not need changed near as often.

Get Free Answers To Your Website Layout Questions From People That Count

Don't listen to that weird guy who lives in the apartment next to you or your 83 year old grandmother. Getting input from the people that count the most (your reader) is much easier than you might think. You can get feedback from your readers in many different ways. You can make example or ask questions about changes in an online poll on FaceBook or your main site. This can be a great way to get some instant feedback. Another great way to get honest input from your user base is by emailing your list or your members and asking for suggestions or feedback on specific things you are considering changing.

Thanks For Reading And Look Forward To Your Comments

This website has a very simple layout that most of my readers enjoy because it is simple and straight to the point. However, my readers are here for one thing and that is rock solid content on how to build a better website and how to drive crazy traffic to their pages. So, you will see no fluff here, just meat and potatoes. However, I am always open to suggestion as I was saying earlier. If you have a design suggestion or some layout changes that you think will make the Free Webmaster Tips website even better, just leave a comment below!

To Success,

Nick Simpson

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