Sunday, December 12, 2010

eMail Marketing Tools and Steps

eMail marketing is nothing more than offering valuable information to your clients, customers, friends and blog readers in a easy to receive format. Some people think that email marketing is spam and is nothing short of trying to hard sell people on products that they don't want. However, this simply could not be further from the truth. Using the power of email marketing can help you grow your business, find new friends and really make you look like the good guy. If you want to be known as an authority in your market or niche, building a strong list of loyal readers is a great way to get started and it does not have to cost a dime.

If you want to start making more money from your online marketing efforts, choosing to start a powerful eMail marketing campaign can be one of the fastest ways to get a big return from your effort. The problem for many marketers is the high cost of list building tools on the market today. You can use Aweber or Get Response, but really there is no reason to start paying for a service before you have a need for it and that is what these systems perpetuate. You can start building your list today using free WordPress plugins and if you want to upgrade, it only costs $30.00 to get a full version email list building autoresponder plugin that you can use on as many web sites as you want. There are some other follow tools that can really help you build your mailing list faster and below is the email marketing tools that I personally suggest you use to get your marketing campaign started on a budget and you can get started today for free!

Powerful eMail Marketing Tools

  1. Free Wordpress Auto-Responder - This is a awesome plugin that lets you use any wordpress blog as an instant and powerful list building back end. You can use the easy form to grab email addresses on your blog or post the same sign up form on any other web site out there!
  2. Graphical Opt In Boxes - These cool opt in graphics let you make your opt in form look very attractive and can boost your conversions up to 50% instantly. You must know basic copy and past html and you are ready to power up your email list building power within minutes.
  3. Are You Building A Mailing List Or A Spam List? - This is a in depth article that explains all the ins and outs of building a powerful eMail list the right way. Learn to to make your offers irresistible and make your readers eager to open up your messages every time you send one out.

The tools above will give any internet marketer everything they need to start a powerful list building campaign. The opt in boxes are not free, but if you are going to be serious about building a huge list, using these fancy and easy to use graphics can tremendously boost the performance and registration rate. There is not reason to go slow, the faster you build your list the faster you can start profiting from it.

How To Build A Responsive eMail List

  1. Under Promise & Over Deliver - You know it, if you you want to start making people say "Wow, this mailing list should be charging for the great information they are sending out!" you may have to put a little elbow grease into it, but there is no reason that you can't make people really surprised to see what all you are just giving away because they signed up for your free info.
  2. Quality Over Quantity - This is old, but true. You have to cut the clutter and only send out messages when you have something worth saying. People will be glad to open ever message you send if they know that you always have something special for them, not just a new Click Bank offer every day of the week...wink guys know who you are!
  3. Take the time to personalize your messages - Don't just say "hey reader" say "hey John" this really does make people feel special and feel like you are talking just to them, even if you are sending out your messages to thousands of readers at a time. The above mentioned free wordpress autoresponder and list building tool will allow you to automatically add the subscribers name in every message!
  4. Use Spam Filter Friendly Titles - If you are sending out an email with titles that have Money, Sex, Pills, Lose Weight or other words that you know are junk in them, don't be surprised when these messages do not get any response.
  5. Give Readers A Reason To Stay Active - It is a proven fact that if readers do not see a direct reason or positive reason to take action, they will not.  In fact you may have the best content, best product or best free stuff, but let them know what it is going to do for them! Sorry, people really are greedy so don't be afraid to let them know what you are going to do to impact them directly, change their life or give them just for watching your video, downloading your ebook or taking the next step in the order process.
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Don't Stop Now, You Already Have The Ball Rolling!

The problem for most any person who ever fails at internet marketing is the simple fact that they are a starter and not a finisher. This means that they will get the ball rolling, but then stop. You have already been given all the tools you need to start building a huge email list. Yes, the short list of tools above can get you adding hundreds of subscribers a day, but you are still missing one small piece of the puzzle and that is TRAFFIC!
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  1. I liked your information in the article and how it helps out people who might be just starting out and need the basics. And really, these basics are truly what gets emails opened and keeps more of your subscribers. I think just going your list the same tips you use and would tell a friend mixed in with products you know are of value.

  2. Thanks Charles, I just know that many people are so scared to get started with their own list because they don't know where to get started I thought sharing the free plugin would make this easy for many people to get their own up and running quick and easy. I'm glad you enjoyed the read!

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