Saturday, December 25, 2010

Your Christmas Gift - Free Wordpress Training Videos

There are a lot of folks out there in the giving spirit this time of the year and here is something any new webmaster not only needs, but also wants. Free training videos on the wordpress blogging platform!

These videos were sent out as a gift to all of the subscribers to the Link Building Ninja mailing list, but you can still take advantage of them even if you are not a member. If you are interested in learning more about webmaster tips, tricks and how to's you may want to get your spot on this membership site while it is still free. The guys who are running this hot seo site are giving away all sorts of great info on how to get your pages ranked and make more money with you blog, so don't forget to return the Christmas gift by grabbing a spot on their powerful members only mailing list!

Merry Christmas,

From Free Webmaster Tips!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

eMail Marketing Tools and Steps

eMail marketing is nothing more than offering valuable information to your clients, customers, friends and blog readers in a easy to receive format. Some people think that email marketing is spam and is nothing short of trying to hard sell people on products that they don't want. However, this simply could not be further from the truth. Using the power of email marketing can help you grow your business, find new friends and really make you look like the good guy. If you want to be known as an authority in your market or niche, building a strong list of loyal readers is a great way to get started and it does not have to cost a dime.

If you want to start making more money from your online marketing efforts, choosing to start a powerful eMail marketing campaign can be one of the fastest ways to get a big return from your effort. The problem for many marketers is the high cost of list building tools on the market today. You can use Aweber or Get Response, but really there is no reason to start paying for a service before you have a need for it and that is what these systems perpetuate. You can start building your list today using free WordPress plugins and if you want to upgrade, it only costs $30.00 to get a full version email list building autoresponder plugin that you can use on as many web sites as you want. There are some other follow tools that can really help you build your mailing list faster and below is the email marketing tools that I personally suggest you use to get your marketing campaign started on a budget and you can get started today for free!

Powerful eMail Marketing Tools

  1. Free Wordpress Auto-Responder - This is a awesome plugin that lets you use any wordpress blog as an instant and powerful list building back end. You can use the easy form to grab email addresses on your blog or post the same sign up form on any other web site out there!
  2. Graphical Opt In Boxes - These cool opt in graphics let you make your opt in form look very attractive and can boost your conversions up to 50% instantly. You must know basic copy and past html and you are ready to power up your email list building power within minutes.
  3. Are You Building A Mailing List Or A Spam List? - This is a in depth article that explains all the ins and outs of building a powerful eMail list the right way. Learn to to make your offers irresistible and make your readers eager to open up your messages every time you send one out.

The tools above will give any internet marketer everything they need to start a powerful list building campaign. The opt in boxes are not free, but if you are going to be serious about building a huge list, using these fancy and easy to use graphics can tremendously boost the performance and registration rate. There is not reason to go slow, the faster you build your list the faster you can start profiting from it.

How To Build A Responsive eMail List

  1. Under Promise & Over Deliver - You know it, if you you want to start making people say "Wow, this mailing list should be charging for the great information they are sending out!" you may have to put a little elbow grease into it, but there is no reason that you can't make people really surprised to see what all you are just giving away because they signed up for your free info.
  2. Quality Over Quantity - This is old, but true. You have to cut the clutter and only send out messages when you have something worth saying. People will be glad to open ever message you send if they know that you always have something special for them, not just a new Click Bank offer every day of the week...wink guys know who you are!
  3. Take the time to personalize your messages - Don't just say "hey reader" say "hey John" this really does make people feel special and feel like you are talking just to them, even if you are sending out your messages to thousands of readers at a time. The above mentioned free wordpress autoresponder and list building tool will allow you to automatically add the subscribers name in every message!
  4. Use Spam Filter Friendly Titles - If you are sending out an email with titles that have Money, Sex, Pills, Lose Weight or other words that you know are junk in them, don't be surprised when these messages do not get any response.
  5. Give Readers A Reason To Stay Active - It is a proven fact that if readers do not see a direct reason or positive reason to take action, they will not.  In fact you may have the best content, best product or best free stuff, but let them know what it is going to do for them! Sorry, people really are greedy so don't be afraid to let them know what you are going to do to impact them directly, change their life or give them just for watching your video, downloading your ebook or taking the next step in the order process.
Get Even More Action Using Paid Tools That Rock!

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Don't Stop Now, You Already Have The Ball Rolling!

The problem for most any person who ever fails at internet marketing is the simple fact that they are a starter and not a finisher. This means that they will get the ball rolling, but then stop. You have already been given all the tools you need to start building a huge email list. Yes, the short list of tools above can get you adding hundreds of subscribers a day, but you are still missing one small piece of the puzzle and that is TRAFFIC!
So don't stop now, go get this totally killer content and resource package from the Link Building Ninja and start driving the traffic to your web site offer page, opt in page or any other important part of your business  today.
 The link building ninja team is offering a huge list of tools, resources, ebooks, videos and more. Its All Free so if you really want to see your email marketing and your business explode, take the next step and you can thank me later.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Social Bookmarking Magic

The power of social bookmarking has already been realized by many online marketers and web masters. If you are looking for a way to promote your site that is easy, social and viral social bookmarking is one of the best ways for you to utilize the power of the internet to drive new traffic and of course new customers to any web site of your choosing. Using social bookmarking to promote web sites and drive traffic has been though its hay day and is still as important today as it has been for the past 5 years or more.

The initial power of using these social bookmarking sites lie in their high page rank and the fact that many of them do give a real no follow direct link back to your web site. This means you can use these to get free links! Many people do not understand how important that this is in the overall scheme of things, but trust us this is big. The next thing that happens when you add your web site to these bookmarking sites is that they become instantly exposed to hundreds if not thousands of other people looking for web sites that interest them. The direct traffic from social bookmarking can be huge if your information is of interest to a wide variety of web surfer and it has a catchy title.

Social Bookmarking Equals Good Search Engine Standings

The most important benefit these sites offer is a solid boost in your web sites ranking in most search engines. The most recent releases of Google Caffeine and other search engines own algorithms are using these social sites to help them figure out the human factor in web site popularity, so if your site is not listed on Web 2.0 and Social Bookmarking sites you are definitely missing out big time.

Automate Your Social Bookmarking Tasks For Free

The problem with getting your web site listed on many different social bookmarking sites is that it can become a tedious and time consuming task. If you have many web sites that you promote, this can become a big time killer and a task that you really don't look forward to completing. The good news is that there is an easier way to get your sites listed and you will be amazed at how easy it really is. The tool we are talking about is called SocialAdr and this tool changes the way that you will bookmark your favorite sites forever. Now your social bookmarking daily task time will be about 30 seconds. You can even upgrade the account on this site to have a totally hands free social bookmarking experience if you like.

Using this Social Bookmarking Magic, you will be able to get others to bookmark your web site for you. You will have your content (spun if you want) passed out to up to 18 different social bookmarking sites automatically. The only thing you need to do is return the favor or you can pay a small fee. We have found that the free way is pretty easy to do, you only need to click one button to share other links and if you create new accounts for the bookmarking sites you will never have to worry about filling up your own social bookmark sites with unwanted links.

This is a powerful, automatic and free way to get more traffic to your web site and get more exposure on many social bookmarking sites. Folks it doesn't get much easier than this!

Take Your Social Marketing To The Next Level

HootSuite - Social Media Dashboard
Getting plenty of social bookmarks to your website is just not enough any more. If you really want to get the most out of your social marketing efforts, you are going to need to have frequent updates on the biggest and best social networks. The tool I use is the HootSuite.

<< Get Your Free Trial Now

Using this software you can schedule messages, automatically tie in Google Analytics Flags to your short links, manage unlimited accounts and so much more. Using this online software suite you can even manage teams of social media experts, so for small businesses or one man operations, this makes keeping active on multiple social sites a snap.

Best of all you can get started for free right now!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Learn How To Profit From Your Web Site

Every webmaster wants to make a great looking site to serve some purpose. Even if your web site design and content are not geared toward how to make money online, it does not mean that you cannot produce some cash yourself. There are many different ways to make a profit from your existing or a new web sites. It does not make any difference if you know anything about internet marketing and it doesn't make any difference what topic your web site or blog covers. There is gold in them hills!

The one thing that you must understand is that no web site starts making huge amounts of cash overnight. You must put consistent effort in if you really want to see some nice returns. There are some great learning resources for those who want to start profiting from their website that do not cost anything at all. Yes, there are plenty of places to go spend your hard earned money to learn the latest and greatest fast cash scheme, but you could just learn the basics of internet marketing and find out how you can start bringing in a real income in the next couple weeks from your website.

If you wan to really dig into how to make money from your web site, you may want to take a look at the Webmaster Business Plan site and take in all the free information that you can handle. This site offers a huge amount of information and does not charge a penny for it.

What Are Some Ways I Can Profit From My Website?

The Free Webmaster Tips Blog is here to help. So lets discuss some of the most common ways that people are turning profits from their websites and you never know, you may be able to start earning faster than you think.

  1. Sell Ad Space - You can do this by solicity ad space on your site, using services that delegate banner ads or you can put up an ad on eBay, it really is easy!
  2. Use PPC Content - We have all heard about adsense and it really does pay off if you have a high traffic site, but there is no reason not to get it in place early on if your site is new.
  3. Paid Blogging - Yes, there are some people who really look down on this, but if you are in it for the money, there are many sites that will pay you to blog about their product or their own site and it pays very well!
  4. Affiliate Products - You can sell just about anything under the sun by becoming an affiliate of, and, so if you have a topic that has related products that you can get paid for referring people to, let your readers know and start telling them about these products.
  5. Start Your Own Information Product - It sounds strange, but there have been more internet millionaires made from creating their own information product than just about anything else. Just start off with a good plan and lay out the information you want to share in a logical order.
There are plenty of other great resources for more information on these topics, this was only meant to get your creative juices flowing. If you really want to start making profit online, you will need to learn a little something about SEO and Link Building too.

Make Amazing Looking Images With Round Corners

There are many ways to make your web site stand out from the others. If you have been viewing other web sites to get ideas of what you want to do with your own web site, you may have ran across these cool looking images that have rounded corners. These images have become very popular in the Web 2.0 world and they can be generated using a script on your web site to make a mask over the image, but there is a much easier way if you have Photoshop.

Creating these very attractive Web 2.0 images using Photoshop only takes a couple of steps and if you want to make your own unique images that can be used anywhere this is the way to go. You can learn more about making easy round corner images here or by checking out the source of this information here : Photoshop Round Corner Image Tutorial

So if you are ready to get started, just open up Photoshop and follow along with the guide below that was originally posted here :

How To Create Your Own Images With Round Corners

Within Photoshop, take a look at the Layers palette. The photo should be on it’s own layer, and we’re going to create another layer right on top of that.
Create another layer on top of the photo layer
On this layer, we are going to draw a rectangle, with the rounded rectangle tool.
The rounded rectangle tool
Draw the rectangle on the new layer you created.
Draw the rectangle
It doesn’t matter what the fill color is right now. Just try to center the rounded rectangle as best you can. Essentially, whatever falls inside this rectangle will be included in the picture.
Now, go back to the Layers palette, and select the layer that you just drew the rounded rectangle on. Double click on that layer.
The Layer Style palette should open up.
The Layer Style palette
In the Advanced Blending area, slide the Fill Opacity percentage down to 0%.
Slide the Fill Opacity percentage down to 0
Back in the Layers palette, click on the Paths tab.
In the Layers palette, select the Paths tab
With the current Path selected, click on the little arrow button, in the upper right corner of the Layers palette, and select "Make Selection..." from the select list.
Make Selection...
In the "Make Selection" option box, make sure Feather Radius is set to 0 pixels, and Anti–aliased IS checked.
Make Selection option box
Hit OK. You should get a nice, smooth selection of the rounded rectangle that you created.

Almost done

Now, with the selection still pending action, go to Edit, Copy Merged. Create a new document, and leave the dimensions alone (they should reflect the copy you just made). In the new document, go to Edit, Paste. There you go!

The image should now have nice, smooth corners, instead of the sharp, boxy ones it had before.