Tuesday, May 22, 2012

5 Tips To Becoming An Amazon Super Affiliate

Look, everybody is trying to make a dollar online these days. This means two things, there are plenty of ways to make money online and there is plenty of competition online. So how are you making yourself stand out? Well, if you are not then you may not be doing so well with your commission earnings as an affiliate. Years ago you could get away with slapping up some links or even using scripts to pull content from RSS feeds to make money with affiliate program, but today it just isn't that simple.

Amazon has one of the largest tangible goods affiliate programs on the planet and this makes it prime pickings for those looking to sell real world goods online and profit from it. There are thousands of product review sites on the net today, most of them are crap, but if you take the same theory and put a little elbow grease behind it, these micro-niche review sites, can still make a killing with Amazon products.

5 Tips To Being An Amazon Super Affiliate

  1. Choose A Great Product - Yep, this is where the rubber meets the road folks. If you are trying to push a product that sucks, well you may already know what happens. Choosing a winning product or line of product is definitely where you want to start. Doing a little market research, keyword research and checking on the competition before you get in too deep is highly suggested.
  2. Expensive And Cheap, It's Important - If you really want to explode your amazon profits you should understand how their compensation plan works. You really want to be selling both expensive and cheap Amazon products, because the more items you sell the higher your commission is. This means selling quantity of cheap items gets you more cash from the bigger ticket items. This combination is crucial and is a great way to balance out your affiliate portfolio so to speak.
  3. Offer Great Reviews - Don't just throw up a short little blurb with the customer reviews. Google doesn't like that and neither do readers. Take time to give a lot of valuable and honest information about your products and promotions and you will get more sales - I promise!
  4. Videos Sell - Yes, it is no secret, but still so many people do not use this as their medium of choice. Start making short product videos so prospective buyers can see what you have to offer with their own eyes and maybe even see the product in action.
  5. Use Proven Site Layouts - Not everybody tests the design of their site before they try to start selling, but this really can be a big factor in your overall conversions. Taking the time to split test or opting to purchase tried and true Amazon affiliate themes can be an quick and easy way to instantly boost your profits, providing you already have some traffic to play with.
There are many more things that need to be learned and implemented to become a real success with an affiliate marketing plan. However, these simple rules are the core of what most super affiliates do that regular old affiliates simply do not. 

I hope you enjoyed the read and if you really want to rock your Amazon products make sure to take a look at my own affiliate product below. You can use it on your own Amazon affiliate web site and it is easy to install to any hosted WordPress web site. This template has proven to be a conversion monster for myself and many others, so give it a whirl and if you want to become an affiliate of this product you can earn 60% profit on every sale!

As always To Success and thank you for reading. Please leave any comments and questions you may have about Amazon or selling online below.

Nick Simpson

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