Saturday, June 9, 2012

My Favorite Social Networks

There are hundreds if not thousands of networks for social bliss on the net today. Choosing which one is right for you, can be tricky and the best way to find out what you like and what you don't like is by experiencing as many as possible. After review a small handful of these social sites most people can list what features are most important to them very quickly.  However, in reality most people will end up running back to the big ones like Google+, Facebook and Twitter for the simple reason that these sites have huge user bases, meaning their friends area already there.

It is hard to beat a site that all your friends are already active on, but it can also be a lot of fun showing people you know new ways to be social and to network online. With HTML5 and AJAX there are some pretty slick new social networks popping up on the web and I have been poking around and checking some out myself. I will list a few below and the links go directly to my social profile on the respective site. If you want to jump in and want to have at least one friend, just invite me, I would love to hear from you.

My Favorite Social Networks That You May Have Never Heard Of - This website is not new, actually I have been hanging out there for a couple years now. I have seen some changes come about since my registration, a killer mobile app, being one. This site is something between a sharing site and social network, but they give you a solid platform to use and I love it! - This site really reminds me of Pinterest with a twitter feed built in, the idea is to chime in on topics, interests, pictures and videos. The fact that has been around for a while and I have never heard another human being speak of it, blows my mind. Great site, super fast loading, warm community and the ability to share images, videos and even make your own groups. Highly suggested site and I hope to see it thrive for years to come. - This site is nothing but a Pinterest rip off, but it is a really good on and it is growing very fast. If you like Pinterest, you will like Bolt, so come on over and use this early invite to get in quicker. I love browsing images, so I love this site. I guess I would say this is the Pinterest version for guys, not so much foofoo stuff here and a lot of awesome infographics!

Find Me On The Top 3 Social Networks Here

I will be adding to this list as I run across other great social networks that are not the big 3. However, you can follow me and find me on them below:

Nick Simpson On Facebook

Nick Simpson On Google+

Nick Simpson On Twitter

Please take a second to follow this blog using your Google account or comment, would love to hear some feedback and names of other great up and coming social networks!

To Success,

Nick Simpson


  1. It’s really awesome to find other social networks because it’s like finding more and more ways to reach other people. This could be really useful for online marketers. With a plethora of other social media websites outside of Facebook and Twitter, there are now more ways and possibilities to find a wider range of potential customers and new partners. The more websites an online marketer can promote their clients on, the better.

    Darryl Tay

  2. Even Facebook and Twitter started small! I remember when Twitter was confined to the US and people had to call in their status updates instead of typing them up. The calls would then be transcribed by a group of people hired by Twitter. Twitter and Facebook are big now because they adapted to changing internet trends and changed strategies to stay fresh and up to date.

    Staci Burruel