Friday, June 8, 2012

Start Building A Profitable Email List For Free

There are some people who manage huge mailing lists and they require the use of popular email marketing standards. The fact that aWebber, Constant Contact and other email list building pay sites have gotten so huge, has led to some other online products to offer direct integration. This is one of the reasons that these services continue to thrive, this and the fact that they pay their affiliate residual income from the people paying each and every month to use such a service.

There are many different email marketing solutions out there and the rules that build a successful list do not depend on which solution you choose. I have used many different list building apps and programs, but when it comes down to it, you need to get started before you sell yourself on a feature of a specific type of list builder. So, lets get started by learning how to really get the most out of our email marketing.

Did you know that you can run a full featured email list right from your WordPress admin panel for free?

Most people do not know this and that is why many people get frustrated while they continue to pay for list building software while they are still trying to learn how to build a list. If you are ready to start building a money list and don't want to put cash up front assuming that it is going to take off, this free solution may be just what you have been hunting for.

The Free Wordpress Autoresponder allows online marketers to take complete control of their email marketing and you don't have to spend a dime to get started. This software lets you create and manage email lists directly from your WordPress admin panel and this makes creating blog content and the email to draw your subscribers back a very quick process. As your lists grows you can use this process to create "push button" traffic whenever you wish!

5 Tips To Starting Your Own Profitable Email List

  1. Don't Start In The Hole - If you are going start off, there is no reason to spend money, not until you are making some at least. If you start building a list and it's gets so outrageously big that you need a more robust solution, you can upgrade to the paid version that runs of off your smtp mail server and allows you to throttle the sending of your message. The good thing is, the pro version of the free wordpress autoresponder is a one time fee of 27 bucks, so it cost about as much as one month of service from most of the other big name email list building tools you see out there.
  2. Make A Killer Offer - Many people say "oh I have this old ebook sitting on my hard drive, I'll just give it away to build my list" and this may work, but don't forget to spend some serious time setting up your bribe correctly, if you make a great offer, you will get more sign-ups for sure. If you put together your own freebie that is best, then you can add your own affiliate information and links as needed.
  3. Follow Through With Your Offer - Be a man or woman of your word. when you make a promise you have to deliver or people will unsubscribe so fast you won't know what happened. So, if you want to have a really successful and profitable list, you are going to over deliver! Whatever you offered your subscriber in exchange for their email address, blow their mind with big value when you deliver and you can bet your buns they are going to open and read every message they receive from here on out.
  4. Don't Hammer Your List - Take it easy, they know who you are and they don't want to see your messages every five minutes. So spread your messages out on your autoresponder once a week or so and only send new messages when you really have something to say that is important, helpful or noteworthy. Weak messages are the second reason people unsubscribe, boredom is not your friend!
  5. Be Cool - I know it sounds silly, but don't take internet marketing superstar Frank Kern's words for granted, he knows what he is saying. If you can "out cool" other marketers in your niche, you will remain the top dog in your market, period.
These are sure fire ways to building a successful email list that will help you start profiting from your efforts. Make sure you have some great follow up offers, this is where you start banking. However to make your funnel successful, you need to make sure everything from your capture page to your last message are in good shape, so don't be afraid to continually tweak your system until you find the perfect balance.

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P.S. To learn more about the Free WordPress Autoresponder check out this post on Pam Lawhorn's blog and see how easy it is to setup with her great step by step instructions and screen shots!

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