Sunday, January 30, 2011

Free Content From Guest Bloggers

For some webmasters keeping fresh content on their web site is one of most difficult hurdles. Keeping new content that is also relevant on your web site or blog is one of the easiest ways to keep Google's eyes on your web site. The search engines love to see new content. If your web site is updated frequently Google is more likely to index you web site more often and thus show your web site more often in their search results.

How To Find A Guest Blogger

Finding a writer for your web site is not hard, if you don't mind paying for content. However, there is a better way. Most content creators are also webmasters themselves. This means that most people who are writing on their own blog or web site are also interested in promoting their site. This is why guest blogging works so seamlessly. You can find other web sites that are complimentary to your niche or topic and ask them to write unique content for your own site in exchange for a back link.

You can use the contact form on many web sites to get in touch with the web site owner or you can look up the domain on a whois search to find the email of the owner of the domain name itself. It really is as simply as sending a few emails out to find your guest blogger. You may also consider putting out the word on webmaster forums to find people who would be interested in guest blogging.

Quality Over Quantity

Having a lot of frequent and fresh posts on your site is very helpful for seo, but you do not want to trade quantity for the quality of the content. You will want to hunt down writers that are already producing the level of quality in their own content that you would like to find on your own web site.

If you find web sites that are high quality and that have many recent posts it should be easy to find some writers who would be more than willing to write for your blog for absolutely free. If you run into an author that you really like, ask them to come back and you may be able to work out some other deal or possible trade posts with their site on an ongoing basis. There are no limits to how much free content you can get when you start applying this method.

Do Your Part

If you get some writers to take your offer you still need to do your part. Help promote their posts even if the post only links out to their site. After all any traffic through your site is beneficial and you should try to show off any and all content on your site. If you are working with inexperienced writers, give them some pointers that will help them make the type of content you want. This will help them learn and help you get some great content for your site. Don't be afraid to mention keyword phrases that you would like used for seo purposes and enjoy your new found free content source!

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